Massage Dos, Don’ts and FAQs! Part 5

Sorry to keep everyone waiting!  It has been a busy April here at Fusion.  I broke up the last 4 topics into parts 5 and 6 since they are kind of long!  Here are today’s topics!  Enjoy the read and check back in a couple days for the last two topics to end this blog series!  Thanks for reading!

  1. Massage therapy is like… THERAPY!

Whenever you are receiving a massage, and you tell your therapist about personal feelings or issues, do not fear! It is normal for clients to express their feelings and emotions during a stress- relieving treatment. We are all ears. Sometimes you get so comfortable with your therapist; you feel you can tell them anything just like you would your hair stylist! Again, have no fear. We take your personal life and well-being seriously. Anything you say in the room to your therapist is strictly confidential and will not ever be repeated. Our therapist sign a confidentiality agreement when they begin their tenure at Fusion so if you spill info that shouldn’t be shared do not worry. Just as other healthcare professionals operate so does Fusion. Your personal information will always be kept private and safe.

  1. Massage Don’t: Don’t worry if you didn’t shave your legs!

So many times clients come in and feel embarrassed that they didn’t shave their legs. I can’t even count the times a client has profusely apologized for not shaving. My response? If you hadn’t told me otherwise, I would have never known your legs were not shaved unless you had hairy man legs!! No insult intended here but just referencing a man’s leg hair seems fitting for this analogy. Whether it’s been two weeks since you shaved or 2 days, it is very difficult for your therapist to tell whether or not your legs are shaved. Our hands go through a bit of “desensitization” over the years and something as acute as tiny hairs is hard for us to differentiate from the feeling of normal shaved skin. With the massage cream barrier we create during a massage, the moisture, oil and glide makes it almost impossible to tell a shaved leg from a non-shaved leg. So have no fear if you forgot to shave! We appreciate the effort, but hey, don’t feel bad if you didn’t.


Have a great weekend!



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