Massage Do’s, Don’ts and FAQs! (Part 6)

Hey Fusionites!  Sorry it has taken me so long to get around to posting.  We have been so busy at the shop!  I’m sad to say though this is the last post for our blog series!  But have no fear, we have more great topics on the way!  Check out these last two items for this blog series Massage Do’s, Don’ts and FAQs!  Happy reading!

  1. Massage Don’t: DO NOT COME IN SICK!

Life happens! We all get sick every now and then especially in our line of work where we are in close proximity with our clients in enclosed rooms multiple times a day. At Fusion, we practice the highest standard of cleanliness and sanitize our rooms multiple times a day to prevent the spread of germs as much as possible. Regardless of our best efforts though, sometimes clients can “slip through the cracks” and come in with an illness.   When a client comes to an appointment ill it is because they think massage will make them better when in reality it can exacerbate their symptoms! It is also dangerous for other clients, the staff and facility as germs spread so quickly and in so many ways!  Usually what happens is a therapist or two will fall off the schedule due to sickness which is never convenient for the clients and definitely not for the therapists as well. Fusion does not charge you for a last minute cancellation due to sickness. This is something out of our realm of control. We completely understand if this happens and want you to be well and germ-free before returning to us.

  1. Massage therapists are people too.

Have you ever gotten a call to cancel your appointment because your therapist is sick or has a sick child, is hurt or they had an emergency? As the owner, I hate it when one of my therapists calls out sick or has to leave for something, but then I remember, they are people too! My therapists have fully functioning lives and families outside of Fusion, and I need to take a chill pill and remember they are human just like me. As clients, I hope you can remember that too. Here are a few things we have to remember about our therapists:

  1. We are at a higher risk to get sick as mentioned in #1 of today’s post. It’s amazing the types of germs we can contract from our clients and the people around us. This is why we urge you to stay home when you’re sick.
  2. We do get time off and go on vacation. Clients have called to book an appointment and ended up angry with us because their therapist is off, gone, or sick.  Although we are a serviced base business, massage therapy is hard on a person’s body so the therapists do need time off occasionally to recuperate their strength.
  3. We can’t work every day from 9 am to 7 pm. Massage therapy as a job is extremely tiring. It is a lot of physical strain on our entire body. When clients are upset that we don’t have an opening for them for another 3 weeks, this is something out of our hands. At Fusion, we are fully staffed and the therapists work the maximum amount of hours recommended in a week for this line of work. Never will I push my therapists over that limit. Also, due to our increasing popularity over the years, it is sometimes a lengthier wait for services due to the high demand of our services.
  4. Time is money: We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for a reason, and it is not to drain money from you. I promise! If an emergency or sickness happens last minute, we totally understand and waive the cancellation fee. When events with work happen that are out of your hands, we understand that too. On the contrary, if you call to cancel because you don’t feel like coming or you change your mind last minute and don’t show up, the cancellation fee does apply. Why you ask? Our therapist’s time is very valuable. We are at high demand and when you cancel last minute, it doesn’t avail someone else who is on our waiting list the chance to use our services. Also it is VERY unfair to the therapists. The therapist does not get paid if you don’t come to your appointment. When cancelling last minute or not showing up, the therapist doesn’t have a chance to fill that appointment and loses out on income. Please respect your therapist and be sure to come to your appointments healthy and on time!


Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this blog post.  It was fun covering some much asked about topics!  Stayed tuned for our next blog post over our June Special: New Facial Add-ons!  I will cover the need-to-know info on which amazing facial add-on you should try next month!  See you soon!

Be blessed and healthy,


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