Why we chose doTERRA

I have used essential oils for a very long time.  Just about as long as I have been a massage therapist.  We were briefly introduced to them in school with our massage training, but if you wanted an in-depth look into what oils actually did, you had to do that on your own.

When I worked for Princess Cruises in 2008 to 2010, my knowledge of essential oils grew a lot more.  We used several different essential oils regularly in our services including Lavender, Tea Tree and Lime.  It was really fascinating to integrate these oils into our everyday lives and see how well they worked for our on-board clients.  Another massage therapist and I were even chosen to host a few essential oil classes for the passengers on board to attend to learn more about the oils themselves and the treatments that we offered that used them.

When I joined Fusion in fall of 2010, there was an even bigger presence of essential oils here.  Previous owner, Nancy, was actually going through her aromatherapy certification during my tenure with Fusion as a massage therapist.  As I learned more and more about oils and started using them regularly on my own, Nancy held a personal class for myself and another employee to really get into the specifics of oils.  It was from that point on I really was invested in learning more about oils.

It wasn’t until I became the owner of Fusion in 2013 that I wanted to dedicate more time as Nancy had done to becoming an aromatherapist.  In March of 2016, I finally completed my Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist certification which involved 675 hours of class time and curriculum, case studies, and research.  There was so much about the knowledge of oils that I hadn’t quite grasped through my years of using them, but the class was just what I needed to really cap off what I needed to know to efficiently recommend oils to others.

During my class, I hadn’t realized that there were so many aspects of oils that just a regular person probably didn’t know about.  The constituents of each oil, how they were made, how and where they were grown, all play important roles in how each oil turns out.  Concerning constituents, I learned so much about which “ingredients” are contained in each oil and what they are useful for.  For instance, essential oils that contain terpenes are great for alleviating built up toxins in the body especially in the liver and kidneys. Concerning cultivation, it’s important to know botany and how/where your oil was derived from.  The lavender from Bulgaria is not going to be the same lavender from France because of different soil pH, temperature, rainfall, amounts of sunshine, etc.  All of these play a major part in how exactly the essential oil will turn out.  A lot of times a regular person doesn’t think about those things when considering buying oils.

Since taking my class, all of these topics have been really important to me when it comes to picking an essential oil brand to have in our shop.  We do carry both Plantlife and doTERRA, but doTERRA has definitely become my preferred brand for many reasons.  Plantlife is a GREAT brand, don’t get me wrong, but their oils come “pre-blended” which means that they are already blended with a carrier oil in their bottles along with whatever particular essential oil is in the bottle.  doTERRA however is 100% pure, unadulterated essential oils source from over 80 farms all over the world.

I did a lot of research into this company about their farms, their distillation and extraction methods, and how pure their oils really were.  I think what really pushed me to them was when I did a blind smell test against Plantlife and every oil I picked were doTERRA.  I could SMELL the purity in the oils.  Of course, when I started using them daily, I could feel and taste the purity of the oils as well.  I had always been on the fence about ingesting oils until I came to doTERRA.

Now many of you are probably familiar with doTERRA and Young Living because they are MLM companies.  If you don’t know what that means, it stands for Multi-Level Marking company or as most people think of them…. “pyramid schemes.”  Anyone who knows me and knows how I feel about oils and Fusion knows that this is NOT why I became associated with doTERRA.  Of course, when you join a company like that you come under scrutiny for this very reason.  “You just joined to make a buck of unsuspecting people.”  I have gotten that a few times.  But like I said, anyone who knows me knows that I am truly dedicated to bringing a premium product to our clients at Fusion, and with doTERRA, that is what myself and my staff are doing.

I would never put something on my shelves that I wouldn’t use on my own family so being able to provide such a great product to everyone has brought me great joy.  I never brought doTERRA in to “make a buck” off anyone or scam them into buying into a pyramid scheme.  It really stinks that this business is essentially set up this way, but Fusion is not a part of that.  We don’t actively take part in “building” our downline or pyramid.  We joined with doTERRA so we could use and provide amazing, pure essential oils to our clients.

The reason I emphasize that we are not building a pyramid or take part in that is because I have come under scrutiny from a couple of clients claiming I am ripping them and the rest of Fuison’s clients off.  Of course, those of you who know me personally, my story, and my dedication to Fusion and its clients know that I would NEVER put money before my client’s needs.  Unfortunately for some, they have jumped to conclusions about my business and about me without giving me a chance to show them what Fusion is really about.  I guess I can’t win everyone over, can I?  I guess it really isn’t the most convenient thing in the world to be a part of an MLM, but I’m part of doTERRA, an MLM that actually makes an AMAZING product that is pure, natural, and WORKS.

In the end, I am going to stick by that and my decision to carry this brand in my shop because they are the best, and the best is the only thing I want for Fusion.

Yours in health and wellness,



3 thoughts on “Why we chose doTERRA

  1. I love my essential oils and appreciate the knowledge from you and the staff to guide me in my needs . The special blend you mixed up for me as a runner relieves pain better for me than anything else.


  2. My daughter and I attended one of your Essential Oils 101 classes and we loved it! Being able to try out the oils, smell the oils and even eat the oils made it clear to me, which oils I wanted to buy for my family. I have relatives that sell other brand of oils but never had they allowed us to try them out like the class held at Fusion did. Thank you for having the classes and introducing us to doTERRA.


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